Not just any other Token

BAP stands firmly in support of financial freedom. The liberty that cryptocurrency and decentralized banking provides globally requires an infrastructure that Bitcoin ATM Pros is building.

Growing fast Worldwide

BAP was able to establish

  • 10 ATMs & OTCs in..

  • 3 Countries thanks to..

  • 12 talented employees and..

  • 1000+ Wallet holders


The Financial Revolution Has Begun

BAP Token has one central goal: to provide easy

access to cryptocurrency to as many individuals as 

possible around the globe.



Fast and secure way to buy BAP Token instantly without

registration, limits or complications.

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Long-term Goals

We aim to expand our ATMs and over-the-counter cryptocurrency exchanges to every area that is underserved in the category of digital asset availability. BAP is determined to aid and assist the financially underprivileged with easily accessible money transmitting services.


Short-term Goals

With the assistance of our initial investors, we plan to launch a multiple utility token that will directly fund the expansion of Bitcoin ATM Pros. A dividend payout structure will ensure that our early investors are given the best chance to maximize their wealth and overall prosperity in the crypto space.


An age old problem

There are too many cites, communities, countries, and entire nations that do not have reliable banking methods or even a legitimate currency structure. For these reasons BAP has made it their mission to combat this issue using their own cryptocurrency in the process.




750 000 000 BAP


Total Supply

Current Market Value


Reserved for Buyers











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Where is the BAP staff and headquarters located?

We are in beautiful sunny San Diego, CA.

When was Bitcoin ATM Pros created?

In 2017.

Is BAP affiliated with any other companies?

Yes, BAP and CoinPros are both under the same corporate umbrella.

What does a BAP token represent?

A BAP token represents an investment in the company Bitcoin ATM Pros. They have many cryptocurrency ATMs spread around Southern California. The difference between their ATMs and their competitors is that BAP ATMs are capable of both selling and buying cryptocurrencies from the customer. If a customer wants cash they can sell to the ATM directly and it will dispense US dollars. If a customer wants to purchase crypto they simply need to input cash into the ATM and they will either receive a paper wallet with their private and public keys, or they can scan their digital wallet QR code to upload it to their digital wallet right on their mobile phone.

What are the incentives to buy BAP?

There are several reasons why the BAP Token is a sound investment. For starters, every initial investor will receive a share of 10% of our profits that are generated by our crypto ATMs and this will be paid out in additional BAP Tokens quarterly after the official token launch. Additionally, our token will rise in price as we expand and this will make our investors even more profits.

What is the utility behind this token?

There are 2 major utilities that back the BAP Token. 1. Cryptocurrency ATMs with a buy and sell option for cryptocurrencies through an automated teller service 2. Over-the-counter (OTC) exchange locations for face-to-face service.

When can I sell my tokens?

BAP Tokens are currently in a period of pre-sale. Once the 10th round of investing has been completed, BAP Tokens will be available for buying and selling on the CoinPros exchange.

Where do the investments for BAP end up?

Every single investment into the BAP Token is split up into 4 main categories with percentages as follows: 40% to future expansion(ATMs and OTCs), 20% to liquidity, 20% goes to additional projects, 20% to a token buy-back fund.