The Financial Revolution Has Begun

BAP Token has one central goal: to provide easy

access to cryptocurrency to as many individuals as 

possible around the globe.


Not just any other Token

BAP stands firmly in support of financial freedom. The liberty that cryptocurrency and decentralized banking provides globally requires an infrastructure that Bitcoin ATM Pros is building.

Growing fast Worldwide

BAP was able to establish

  • 15 ATMs & OTCs in..

  • 3 Countries thanks to..

  • 20 talented employees and..

  • 1700+ Wallet holders

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Fast and secure way to buy BAP Token instantly without any complications.



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Short-term Goals

With the assistance of our initial investors, we plan to launch a multiple utility token that will directly fund the expansion of Bitcoin ATM Pros. A dividend payout structure will ensure that our early investors are given the best chance to maximize their wealth and overall prosperity in the crypto space.


Long-term Goals

We aim to expand our ATMs and over-the-counter cryptocurrency exchanges to every area that is underserved in the category of digital asset availability. BAP is determined to aid and assist the financially underprivileged with easily accessible money transmitting services.


An age old problem

There are too many cites, communities, countries, and entire nations that do not have reliable banking methods or even a legitimate currency structure. For these reasons BAP has made it their mission to combat this issue using their own cryptocurrency in the process.



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